Here are some scholarships and awards available for flight training.


Age: 16-19. Amount: $1'000-$5'000. Area of training: PPL, CPL, Maintenance, Airport Ops

Amount: $1'000 is cash and prizes. Area of training: PPL.   Read More

Women only. Amount: $1'000. Area of training: PPL

Women only. Amount varies

  •  Ninety-nines:

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Award. Women only. Amount: up to $3'000.

West Canada Section Scholarship Award. Women only. Amount: $1'500.

Other Ninety-Nines Scholarships.

Women only. Total prizes: $16'500+ 

Amount: $2780. Area of training: Aerobatic Instructor

Amount: $1'000 - $4'000. Area of training: mostly aerobatics

  • Ladies Love Taildraggers

Amount: $1'995. Tailwheel training in Oregon, expenses paid. LLT Scholarship.