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IFR Rating Renewal (Instrument Proficiency Check)

Want to renew your expired IFR rating or just get current with your 6 – 6 – 6 requirement? Use this course to be fully prepared for your flying adventures.

CFC offers full IFR renewals in a Transport Canada approved simulator or in an aircraft. Plus, with an in-house IFR examiner, the process has never been quicker.

PRE-REQUISITE: Group 1 / Group 3 IFR Rating
AGE: An applicant shall have reached his seventeenth birthday 
MEDICAL FITNESS: Be in possession of Category III medical or higher
KNOWLEDGE: 4h Refresher IFR Ground School, INRAT written exam if rating has expired for over 2 years
FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: 4 hours of instrument time – simulator or aircraft
SKILL: Applicant shall successfully complete a flight test to Transport Canada Standards
Note: Transport Canada has set no minimum experience requirement. Your individual time may vary.
Note: this training is an abbreviated version of Multi-IFR Course, adapted to your skill and experience

Multi-IFR Testimonials

Jordan L'Abbé

I am a part-time instructor at another local flight school, and I enjoy where I work. Though I have been flying for over fifteen years, I was never able to find the time to finish my Group 1 Instrument Rating because of my other employment obligations. I had begun to chip away at my MIFR project slowly at the school where I currently instruct. However, due to the unfortunate impact of Covid-19, most Flight Training Units – including where I currently work - closed for dual flying, effectively putting my plan to finish my MIFR on hold once again. It came to my attention that Canadian Flight Centre had been able to put strict sanitation and social-distancing protocols in place quickly, thereby allowing them to continue with dual flights while other schools had been shuttered. I am very fortunate to have a supportive Management Team at the FTU where I work. They recognized my need to avoid losing momentum and finish this project efficiently, and with their support, I went to CFC at CYPK to get my training finished. Where one door closes, another opens – and I am thrilled that the door that opened was at CFC.

Alexander Luckham

I came down from the Northwest Territories with a mission in mind to get my Multi IFR rating. I walked in the front door of Canadian Flight Center to a warm welcome and a tour of the facility's including the DCX MAX flight simulator and their large fleet of aircraft. I expressed to them that I had a short window to do the training in, they were ready to start the next day. I went and wrote my INRAT exam after a couple days of study and then began the multi training. After 3 days of training I took my multi flight test with the in house examiner and passed. I immediately began the IFR portion of it. Alot of sim time with a good mix of aircraft time. We took a long cross country trip to Kamloops and back, that was a nice break from the cluster of Vancouver airspace. The weather cooperated for the most part with only 2 days non flyable. After at total of 15 days from my first multi engine flight to my multi IFR flight test I was done. This was all at my pace and my instructor was very supportive and went the extra mile to insure I was not only learning but understanding the material. I would highly recommend anyone looking for any level of flight training to go try Canadian Flight Center. Thanks to Anna, Peter and Ken for a great experience.

Norm Sherry

I went to Canadian Flight Center for my Multi Engine and Multi IFR training, and it was one of the most positive experiences in my entire life. The training, knowledge, and passion for flying is ever present with the instructors/staff, and it shows. Anytime I had questions, they were always there for me day and night. The flight instruction I received during my time with Canadian Flight Center was excellent, and they made me feel like one of the family. The aircraft are a joy to fly (the cross country trips were amazing, fun, and the knowledge I received is second to none!) I really enjoyed my time with Anna, and Peter (the owner), they are the best, and definitely made me a better pilot. If you want to train at a highly professional and incredible flight school, then it's a simple choice...Canadian Flight Center. Thanks CFC!!!

Raymond Rozenkranz

Hello, Peter, 

Wanted to thank you for your relaxed and friendly approach to the IFR renewal yesterday. You're taking a constructive rather than a judgmental approach (you called it "adding value", instead of just hammering the candidate for his flaws), and at least for personalities such as mine this is much more likely to lead to improvements than a stern judgment of faults. 

For instance, your friendly advice and guidance has already convinced me that I'll go through the Gramin 530 initial check list each time (at least on IMC days), rather than just press OK-OK. 

I hope that many of your school's students will appreciate your friendly and sensible approach focused on preacticalities rather than on rules, and that your business will thrive. 



Andrew Fong

5 star

I went to CFC for my Mult IFR training. The seneca was an amazing plane and all the instructors were awesome. Everyone was friendly and they made sure I had an amazing time there. They got my training done fast where I finished my multi IFR in 2 weeks!