Jordan L'Abbé

I am a part-time instructor at another local flight school, and I enjoy where I work. Though I have been flying for over fifteen years, I was never able to find the time to finish my Group 1 Instrument Rating because of my other employment obligations. I had begun to chip away at my MIFR project slowly at the school where I currently instruct. However, due to the unfortunate impact of Covid-19, most Flight Training Units – including where I currently work - closed for dual flying, effectively putting my plan to finish my MIFR on hold once again. It came to my attention that Canadian Flight Centre had been able to put strict sanitation and social-distancing protocols in place quickly, thereby allowing them to continue with dual flights while other schools had been shuttered. I am very fortunate to have a supportive Management Team at the FTU where I work. They recognized my need to avoid losing momentum and finish this project efficiently, and with their support, I went to CFC at CYPK to get my training finished. Where one door closes, another opens – and I am thrilled that the door that opened was at CFC.

Despite working for the “competition”, none of the training that I had previously received was undermined or subverted. My instructor, Pedro Martinez, took the time to analyze and validate what I already knew so that he could finish my training efficiently. His extensive background as an instructor, an airline pilot (and instructor at the airline level as well) allowed him to be objective in creating a training program for me. His ground briefings were thorough and detailed, and his use of the simulator was efficient and purposeful. He designed a program for me that would allow me to minimize the expensive time required in the aircraft. I appreciate the consideration and effort that was made to minimize the cost of completing this training.

Pedro’s superior skills as a pilot and as an instructor allowed me to adapt to flying the Seneca quickly – despite the requirement to wear a mask and gloves! After only five flights in the airplane, he determined that I was ready for my flight test. My sixth flight in the Seneca allowed me to earn my Group 1 Instrument Rating – finally! What had been dragging on for years was wrapped up in a few intensive weeks of top-quality training. The flight test itself was also an excellent learning experience, and was conducted professionally and efficiently by Peter Schlieck.

I am very appreciative of the time and effort that was put into my training, despite the fact that I instruct elsewhere. I have been a flight instructor for a long time, and in my experience, Flight Training Units rarely have cause to support each other as they are businesses that must compete for students, instructors and other resources. CFC accepted me as a student at a very difficult time in a genuine case of people helping people. I was supported and encouraged in my training by another FTU – and I have been left with a very positive impression of CFC and all of the people who work there. Beyond this – I had fun. A truly outstanding experience. Thank you, CFC.

Jordan L'Abbé