Anna Serbinenko

Airline Transport Pilot License, Class 1 Aeroplane Instructor Rating, Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor Rating, Airshow Performer, Pilot Examiner PPL and CPL, Chief Flight Instructor and CFO of Canadian Flight Centre

"I want to fly these beautiful birds as far as they will take me."
Amelia Earhart

Anna did her first flight only 10 days after she moved to Canada, and never stopped flying since then: adventure and exploration flights in the mountains and islands, search and rescue missions in BC, a lot of training flights. With two wings and one engine, accompanied by her four year old son as a copilot, Anna explored the West Coast from Mexico to Alaska. And one year after her own first flight, she was already in the instructor's seat sharing her passion with new pilots.

In her other life, Anna is a doctor in financial mathematics, programmer, university teacher, mother. Anna joined CFC in 2009. "I love teaching and i love flying. Flight instruction is a perfect combination of the two, and there can be nothing more rewarding than sharing with others what you like so much yourself", says Anna.