Peter Schlieck

Airline Transport Pilot License, Class 1 Instructor Rating, Pilot Examiner M.E. and IFR, President and CEO of Canadian Flight Centre

"I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things..."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Peter started flying in the late 70’s in his soaring club in Germany. Building time by towing gliders with a Super Cub he prepared himself for his first flying job: As mechanical engineer he was required to travel extensively and his mode of travel would be a Piper Seneca. After moving to Canada in 1988, Peter soon received his Canadian PPL , followed by the Commercial License with Multi IFR and finally his Instructor Rating. For a few seasons he was teaching BCIT students. He then got involved with the development of a training program for Chinese airline students. Eventually the hobby turned into a fulltime commitment. Peter’s interest expanded to providing aircraft to flying schools and he provided anything from Cessna 152 to a King Air for the Chinese program – at the same time teaching on all of these planes. During his training and ferry flights he flew all over North America from Alaska to California and the East Coast. In 2007 he received the credentials of Pilot Examiner for Multi-Engine and IFR Ratings.

Peter joined CFC in 2009.

When he is not flying, Peter “flies” in a different environment. As a scuba diver and dive instructor he has visited many dive sites around the world, from famous ship wrecks in the Carribean or the Red Sea to cave diving in Mexico and Florida. He describes the world underwater as a “beautiful, but potentially hostile environment that demands our respect and full attention at all times – much like flying”.