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Acceptance Letter

To apply for your student visa, you need to provide us with a copy of your passport, your postal address and a deposit of on your account (partially refundable if the visa application is not successful). We will issue an original acceptance letter FREE OF CHARGE and send it to you for the support of your visa application. 

Student Visa

Information about the student permit application can be found here: Application to Study in Canada. We suggest you email us your application for review/advise before submitting it to a Canadian Embassy.

Canadian Flight Centre's Designated Leaning Institution Number (DLI#) for the application purposes is O 110207076237. The official designation can be found here: Designated Learning Institutions List

Working While Being a Student

Students may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. It does not need to be on campus like in the past.

Working with CFC

Canadian Flight Centre often offers jobs to its Instructor Rating graduates. Some of the current students are also offered other jobs around the school: dispatch, office help, charter pilots etc. However, we do not make any commitments before the beginning of the training, and all hiring decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Career Options in Canada after Graduation

If you are looking to continue your flying career in Canada after graduation, there are a few initial options:

• Instructing: If you have a passion for sharing your love of flying with the next generation of pilots, this option might be for you. CFC offers the instructor rating, and even often offers its graduates a position within the school - in our Flight Training or even Charter division. Information on this course can be found HERE.

• More difficult, but not impossible is it to get your first flying job with a local air taxi or charter operator or a regional airline.

• Fresh pilots often find their first aviation jobs in the Canadian North as a “bush pilot”.

Either way, as a Canadian graduate, you usually obtain a three year work permit, which gives you enough time to jump start your flying career, and maybe even become a permanent resident of the country if you choose so later.

Work after Graduation and Work Permit

Because Canadian Flight Centre is a certified and accredited school (Designated Learning Institution), Canadian Flight Centre’s graduates may be eligible to apply to Immigration Canada for a graduate work permit for up to 3 years duration. Keep in mind that the issuance and validity period of a work permit is directly related to the time that a person has studied in Canada. Deadlines are important! Work permit application has to be submitted within a few weeks after graduation.

Note that the above information is reference only and subject to change. For most current information, visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Permanent Residency

Although there are multiple immigration programs (qualified worker, investor, family sponsorships, provincial nominees etc.), the one that was most often used by student pilots and new pilots is based on work experience. 

Professionals having worked one year full time (or part time equivalent) in a qualified position, may apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Jobs like pizza delivery or restaurant serving do not qualify. Jobs like flight dispatcher, charter pilot or flight instructor do. 

Find more and official information on the IRCC website HERE.


After three years of being in Canada as a permanent resident, you may apply for Canadian Citizenship. Time in Canada prior to becoming a Permanent Resident (on a student or work permit) may partially count towards the three years.

Disclaimer: all of the information on this page is based on past experiences, and is not meant to be used as a legal advice, legal reference, is not meant to be exhaustive and may be outdated. Regulations may change without prior notice at any time. For the most up-to-date information refer to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) at

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