Tailwheel Course

Some say, this is where the real flying is... Whether it is true or not, flying a tailwheel plane expands your flying horizons and is a lot of fun! An almost must-do for commercial pilots, very much recommended for everyone!

Learning to fly a tail wheel aircraft can be one of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences available to general aviation pilots. CFC has both American Champion Citabria and Super Decathlon aircraft. Go ahead and practice those stick and rudder skills. From circuits to advanced airwork, or even landing on a beach. If you dare.

Beginner Tailwheel Course


AGE: Same as Private Pilot License

MEDICAL FITNESS: Be in possession of Category III medical or higher

KNOWLEDGE: 4 hours tailwheel aeroplane ground school instruction.

FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: 10 hours dual and first tailwheel solo

SKILL: Student shall have the skill to successfully complete a first solo flight in a tailwheel aircraft.

Advanced Tailwheel Course

The advanced tailwheel course expands your horizons beyond the first solo. From tricky wheeler landings to night tailwheel flying, it also involves solid solo practice and is designed to make you a proficient tailwheel pilot.

PRE-REQUISITE: Beginner Tailwheel Course

AGE: Same as Private Pilot License

MEDICAL FITNESS: Be in possession of Category III medical or higher

KNOWLEDGE: 2 hours tailwheel aeroplane ground school instruction.

FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: 6 hours dual and 4 hours solo

SKILL: Student shall have the skill to be safe and proficient on a tailwheel plane, incl. more challenging scenarios.

Tailwheel Clinics

Upon request, both in our Kamloops school and in other locations, we can provide Tailwheel Clinic over a day, a weekend or multiple days. Usually organized for groups of 4-8 students, minimum 6 flight lessons/day, all at dual rate. Ground lessons can be done for the group if all students are at similar level of skill and knowledge.

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Tailwheel-Acro Testimonials

Bob Moles

Hi Anna,

Hope you got back to B.Bay OK.

I'm still on a huge "high" after my mini "aerobatic" flight with you today.

You don't know how much of a role you have played in assisting me to get over a life long fear.

I feel so good having conquered the fear of spinning.. I am a  little sorry that I didn't take up your offer to try and pull out of a full spin myself. However, I have taken huge strides. At least now I know what to expect so I'm 90% of the way there.

So my heartfelt thx to you Anna and I look forward to seeing you at B.Bay in the next week or so to sign up for my PPL lessons.

I'll call you before I come to see you.

Kind regards

Bob Moles


P.S. Is it possible for me to have you as my instructor? :-)

Bruce Culver

Svetlana Kapanina is an excellent pilot. On Canada'a West Coast, ANNA SERBINENKO trains future private, mountain, and aerobatic pilots in British Columbia, Canada. If you are looking for the best instruction in these abilities, Anna is by far your best choice.

Sven Calsbach

Many thanks to all from my side, I really enjoyed time at CFC, the friendly service, the professional training and the warm and friendly atmosphere. I felt not as a customer, my feeling was more being a part of a nice family.

Craig Simpson

5 star

Being from New Zealand I am wanting to convert my license to a Canadian one. I sat with the aerobatics instructor for an hour and a half and came out knowing every detail and process I needed to do to not only convert my license but also how to continue my flight training. Very informative. The best information I have had since being in Canada with regards to this process. It gives me great confidence in continuing my training in Canada with these guys. Thank you so much. See you soon.

Ryan Abel

5 star

What a great place to learn to fly! Especially if you like aerobatics, or want to learn! Anna is a fantastic aerobatics pilot and instructor, and is well connected in the aviation community! I had the opportunity to spend a week doing aerobatics training with Anna in July 2014 and it was the most fun I've ever had!!! It is a true art!!!

Thanks Anna and team!!!

Safe flying!!!

- Ryan Abel :-)

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