CFC is a Designated Learning Institution by the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB), Ministry of Advance Education, Student Aid BC (SABC) and more



We are PTA Designated. What does it mean?

Ministry of Advanced Education is a government authority that accredits career training institutions.
In particular, Private Training Institutions Branch accredits private career training institutions.

By being not only Registered (i.e. "existing"), but Designated (i.e. "proven quality")
Canadian Flight Centre has demonstrated a high standard of training and administration
of the programs we offer. You can find more information about PTA here: 
But in a nutshell it means (some of the direct benefits for students):

  • Our students can apply for government student loans, e.g. Student Aid BC
  • Our students' tuition can be paid by the RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)
  • Our students' tuition can be paid by the EI (Employment Insurance)
  • Our international students can obtain student study permits to come to live and study in Canada. 
  • Our international students graduating are eligible to apply for graduate work permit in Canada for up to 3 years.

Our PTA designation number: 728

Our Designation Learning Institution number: 0110207076237

We accredited by Student Aid BC. What does it mean?

  • Our students can apply for BC and federal student loans and grants

Depending on the personal situation, weekly funds allowance of the Student Aid BC is up to several hundred dollars. 

Students maintain interest free status as long as full time study last + 6 months.

Some funds, depending on personal situation, might not need to be repaid (grants).

More information is on: Student Aid BaC

Our Student Aid accreditation number: APBS

Regional:  We are certified by Laos aviation authority for official flight training

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